Intelligent transport

Worldwide networked transports pose complex demands on efficient transport management. In times in which internationally located trade partners and diverse global market conditions need to be coordinated, it is also important to remain vigilant when it comes to economic and ecological aspects as well as local laws and safety regulations. Whether in Asia, Europe or somewhere else, the establishment of functioning transport networks is a multi-layered process, which requires both a high level of professionalism and well-practiced partnerships. WALTHER LANDGRAF GmbH is your reliable logistics partner. 

Find out how to achieve optimal value creation along the complete supply chain with WALTHER LANDGRAF GmbH. We optimise costs. We offer a high degree of reliability, security and transparency. We enable you to deliver your goods to your destination in the most efficient and cost-effective way.

Experienced presence on the Asian markets.

Shanghai, Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Taipei and Singapore are metropoles of trade and transport in the growth markets of Asia. But the new tigers Vietnam, Thailand and Indonesia are also striving for and gaining importance. WALTHER LANDGRAF GmbH and their partners unite local experience and coverage in all regions.

Cost-effectively and quickly on China’s new tracks.

We transport all kinds of containers and freight via container train. The advantages are obvious: Transport costs for the container train are only half as much compared to air freight. And transit times are twice as fast compared to sea freight. CO2 emissions are 90% less. You can import your goods from China to Hamburg in just 14 to 16 days. 

Asia imports.

No sooner have you bought good and cheap merchandise, it’s needed in Europe. But it’s still a long way away. WALTHER LANDGRAF GmbH now starts the logistics process and ensures the cargo space according to your requirements. As your logistics provider, they make preparations for the inevitable customs procedure to create the basis for you obtaining your merchandise in good time.

Our import management guarantees you a comprehensive service package for the following process – all from one source: Agents pick up your goods from your suppliers. Various suppliers are consolidated. Containers are provided and the cargo space is booked. You will be kept up to date with all information every step of the way. EU importation is prepared in good time. This means your goods will be available to you as quickly as possible. We offer our European customers warehousing, order picking and distribution according to their requirements. 

Asia exports.

As an enormous market, Asia also offers great potential for your sales. You’ve hardly closed the deal before your goods are already in demand. It’s great that you can concentrate on the procurement, production and quality and simply leave the logistics to the specialists. WALTHER LANDGRAF GmbH offers all of the following services:

Suggestions for packaging and transport routes. Coordination of dates for loading, pre-carriage and ship departure. Booking of AIR & SEA freight space. Proper documentation for letters of credit. Information on the status. Processing of import transactions and transfers by our partners in the country of destination. – In short: With WALTHER LANDGRAF GmbH, your exports to Asia will really pick up speed!

Strong in China and Taiwan.

  • High frequency and economical rates: Consolidated container service for China/Taiwan 
  • Worldwide agent network: Local support – excellent connections also in the USA, Canada and Brazil
  • Door-to-door: you are provided with a comprehensive service package from one source and the right pre-carriage and onward carriage processes via truck, barge or railway
  • Documentation: Letters of credit, embargos, compliance, dual use, security, approvals. Never before have regulations been so closely monitored. We support you in complying with the relevant regulations.

Our extras in Russia and Eastern Europe.

Do you deliver to Russia and the emerging markets of Eastern Europe?

Get to know WALTHER LANDGRAF GmbH as your logistics partner! We are experienced in dealing with the special regulations (gross axle weight rating, convoys, Russian import customs clearance, etc.) and will provide you with reliable support in all situations. For over 10 years, we have been active in Eastern European logistics from many places of loading in Western Europe. After all, Hamburg Port is considered to be the most important gateway for Eastern European and Russian import goods from the whole world.

Our specialties:

  • Also looking after small customers and private individuals
  • Support for relocation, transportation of cars, etc.
  • Natural stone storage spaces at reasonable conditions in outdoor areas
  • Creation and preparation of CED, CVED and phytosanitary documentation when importing or exporting products of an animal origin, foods, natural products






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