A word is still a word. 

Day-to-day logistics processes are characterized by the complex relationships of our working world, defined by the division of tasks. Where formerly WALTHER LANDGRAF GmbH moved goods as a freight forwarder, nowadays it works as a logistician to optimize processes. The provision of information on the goods is becoming increasingly important in this context. 

Today as then, WALTHER LANDGRAF GmbH suggests concrete transport solutions to their customers, which are flexibly based on the problem and how to solve it. We offer you all services from one source, from consultation to implementation. We also fall back on unconventional solutions where necessary. Our customers always gain a sustainable benefit as the result of all our efforts, and this often proves to be the basis of trust for a long-term cooperation. 

Get to know WALTHER LANDGRAF GmbH better:  

  • Versatile: We cover all aspects of the freight forwarding business and master them too. 
  • Innovative: We follow the latest developments in the area of logistics and technology to ensure we can structure your transport and warehousing processes even more efficiently. 
  • Reliable: We keep our word. As your service provider, we have an impact on the image your customers have of you. We are aware of our responsibility.

We look forward to getting to know you. 



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