Logistics since 1926 – from Stettin via Hamburg and out into the world!

Mr. Landgraf founded his forwarding company, WALTHER LANDGRAF, in Stettin on 1 July 1926. He quickly recognized the importance of trucks for transport and operated his own semi-trailers for short- and long-distance haulage and for moving furniture.

Construction of a grain warehouse was begun on his own property on the Parnitz Canal in 1939 in a promising location close to the goods train station. The convenient rail connection to Berlin, the largest industrial city in Europe, promised success. However, Landgraf was unable to complete this construction project due to wartime circumstances. After having to cease transportation activities in the face of the approaching Russian troops in 1945, he resumed them on 1 January 1946 at a different location and transferred the focus of his activities to the area of seaport forwarders and towards Hamburg. 

Today, an international network of agents forms the foundation for the competitive position of WALTHER LANDGRAF GmbH. The way we work is as flexible as the wishes of our customers. Not least, reliability and our versatile range of services consolidate the good reputation of WALTHER LANDGRAF GmbH.

From import and export freight forwarding to the implementation of logistics chains, the company innovates its processes on a continuous basis to respond to progress and its customers.